What Keeps You Awake?

How much renters insurance should I buy?

Here’s a quick method:

  1. Total the estimated new cost for the major items (furniture, tv, computer, etc.)
  2. Double the total
    This gives coverage to replace your smaller items (clothes, dishes, linens, etc.)
  3. Add to that the values for collections, artwork, tools, etc.

What is the MCCA fee?

The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) developed by the Michigan Legislature, pays for all medical expenses for people with auto-related medical injuries that exceed $480,000. Every driver in the state has unlimited medical coverage, the MCCA is the organization that collects funds for this.

Do I need to insure my ATV year-round if I only ride it in the winter?

It’s not required but we recommend it. Just because your unit is in storage, doesn’t mean its safe. We’ve seen everything from fires to large objects falling throughout the off season.

What’s a working mom worth?

NBC’s Lisa Daniels reports that if mothers were paid for all the overtime they do around the house, they would earn an extra $86,000 a year.


A written inventory is a great idea. But it’s time consuming. A better and faster idea – grab your video camera. Be sure to store your videotape off – premises.
Make sure your detached structure limits equal what it would cost to replace them.

Teen drivers:

Compared to other drivers, fatal accidents involving 16 year olds are more likely to:

  • Be the result of driver error 76%
  • Involve speeding 39%
  • Involve a single car 52%
  • Occur when other teens are in the car 31%

You can combat this! Restrict night driving, restrict passengers, be a good role model, make them buckle up!