Life & Financial Insurance

grandparents_420x315Life Insurance

Most people know they should have life insurance, they just don’t know what they should buy or how much. We are here to listen to your needs and concerns and give advice.

Remember you buy life insurance to protect your loved ones.

Disability Insurance

A disability income policy will provide money to replace loss of earned income while totally disabled from sickness or an accident. A 2007 NAIC Survey, 56% of adults said they would not be able to meet their expenses if they couldn’t work for a year. One out of seven workers will suffer a 5 year or longer disability before age 65.

Long Term Care Insurance

Skipping this protection could destroy your finances, even long before you’re old, or vaporize your kids’ inheritance. Not buying long-term-care insurance can be one of the most expensive mistakes you will ever make.


An annuity is a smart addition to your retirement plan. Annuities allow you to stabilize your savings for financial security.