Summer 2017

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and for trusting our agency with your important insurance coverage. We are starting newsletters a few times a year to make sure we are keeping all of our clients informed. At the end you will find details on how to enter to win a $50 Gift Card!

Auto Insurance: Michigan’s No-Fault Statute basically states, “My company pays me for my damages, and your company pays you for your damages.” So, if you want certain coverages, put them on your own policy and don’t depend on the “other guy”, who may not even carry insurance. If you rent vehicles either personally, corporately, our via your LLC, please contact us. If you are a volunteer driver, we should be notified.

The most important departure from collecting on your own policy is Bodily Injury coverage. The other guy can collect from your policy if you are at-fault or negligent in a serious auto accident. Please check yourbodily injury limits on your policy. They may be low when considering today’s legal environment of lawsuits. Umbrella policies are available to provide excess coverage above your current limits in increments of $1,000,000. They also provide the excess coverage above your home, boat, rental dwelling, R-V, etc, policies.

Homeowners Insurance: Are your property values adequate? Have you added an addition to your home or finished your basement lately? While we encourage you to read your policy, one simple common sense approach to that is if you have something or do something that most people don’t have or do, you may not have adequate coverage, or the item or activity may be excluded. Examples are snowmobiles, guns, jewelry, baseball card collections.

Most business activity is excluded. Business is defined as making money on or off premises. It is not profit, nor the “bottom line” after expense and tax write-offs. Business includes farming. Having an occasional yard sale is not considered to be business.

Property insurance policies exclude earthquake and flood. Flood is defined as water entering your premises through the exterior of the home. Lower sub-limits of sewer back-and sump pump failure coverage can be purchased for your home or rental dwelling or commercial property.

Land is not covered by property insurance, including piping and drains below your structure. Service line “buy back” coverage is now available. It provides protection for rotting, corrosion and wear and tear of underground utility lines, such as gas, water, sewer and electric. Discounts are available for “smart homes” in which “water bugs” are installed. These devices reduce the risk for normally covered interior flooding due to broken or frozen inner structural pipes, etc. Equipment breakdown is a new coverage available for homeowners. It provides coverage for mechanical breakdown for anything that is plugged in or has a motor. Coverage can be purchased for waterfront residents for seawalls, docks and rafts.

Save the Date: June 28th – National Insurance Awareness Day
Join us 9am-6pm on June 28th for light refreshments in the office. Come visit us in person! Questions on your policy? Time to review coverage? Interested in meeting the faces of Rudert Insurance? Whatever the need add us to your calendar and drop in. Just for stopping by you can enter to win a fun prize pack.

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